I feel what the world needs to solve its challenges is for
each of us to freely express our unique gifts. I consider
imagination the highest attribute of human beings.

In my work, I express sides of the feminine, the profound
and the profane. I delight in bringing opposites together,
like depth and whimsy, seriousness and playfulness,
practical matters and metaphysical thoughts, mundane
and sacred, profane and holy.

I feel the world calling women to come together and
collaborate, to support one another & manifest their gifts.


Art Biography

Caterina Bertolotto graduated from the University of Torino,
then moved to the United States and studied at Parsons School
of Design and at the Art Students League of N.Y. where she
earned a merit scholarship.

From 1982 to 2005 she has done installations of Kinetic Light
of her own creation (she calls them “Lightscapes”) and
over 55 collaborations with theater, music concerts, dance and
opera both in the United States and abroad (Italy, Switzerland,
Holland, Hong Kong, London and Osaka), using her “Lightscapes”
and hand-painted glass slides.

Her Lightscape art installations include one in the Dome of the
Hall of Science, N.Y. and one in Tokyo, Japan, in the early 1990s.
Among her collaborations are 7 concert and performance pieces with
American composer Carman Moore, and 9 with theater (and movie)
director Julie Taymor (who was introduced to her by Joseph Papp),
including special effects for “The Lion King” on Broadway
1997 and elsewhere, and for the most recent production of “The
Magic Flute” at the Metropolitan Opera of N.Y. in the Fall of 2004.

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